Thank you for visiting my website. You probably found the link to it through my Youtube or Soundcloud demos.


I am a musician based in Dortmund, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. I am both involved in classical and popular music, I play the piano, the church organ and synthesizers/keyboards.


As I am mainly focused on playing live music on keyboard instruments within Germany, my website is largely presented in German. Nevertheless, due to numerous audio and video demos, you might be interested in browsing through my website. To a certain extent I am also active in studio music preparing playbacks and producing copyright-free music, so should you be interested in this service, please contact me.


In order to help you find your bearing on my website, this is a German-English key to its sections:


Solo-LIVE-Musik klassisch

 Classical live music played solo

Solo-LIVE-Musik Swing&Pop

 Swing & pop music played live / solo

Klaviermusik 'pur'

 Pure piano music (played live)

Kirchliches und Trauungen

 Live music for church and weddings

GEMA-freie Musik

 Music free of copyright limitations/fees


As I emphasize in one section of my website, I am NOT a "midi file player" who just adds a bit of right hand playing to mostly automated, canned midi files. The principle of my playing is: as little automatic assistance (drum rhythms etc.) as necessary, as much virtuous live playing with BOTH hands as possible. In that sense, to me honest live playing is more important than a perfect, canned 100% match to an original, which has nothing to do with actual live music.